Creating a Measurable Social Impact

The world's first measurable social impact cryptocurrency coin, wallet and exchange

Choose Your Impact

Choose from 3 positive measurable social impacts.

  • Feeding People In Need

  • Feeding Rescued Animals

  • Planting Trees

  • Measurable

    With Kindly Coin you can make a positive measurable social impact without realizing it.

    • Giving Back

      2.5% of each transaction contributes to children in need, feeding rescued animals, or planting trees.

      Choose Your Impact

      Kindly has exclusive partnerships with 3 reputable charities.

    • OM Guarantee Certified

      Every social impact is recorded and verified 3X on the blockchain.

It's easy to be kind.

Unlike other “charity tokens” the Kindly Coin will come with a guarantee of a measurable social impact. This will be achieved with the OM Guarantee certification managed by feedOM.

    • 2.5% of all transactions on Kindly given to charity
    • Audited by Certik
    • Multiple layers of transparency
    • World's first social impact token
    • Choose your social impact
    • All coins traded will have a social impact
    • Supports Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum
    • Gamification of Social impact with NFT rewards
    • Potential tax deduction on transaction fees
    • Purchase measurable social impact with fiat & cryptocurrency
    • All purchases are certified and verifiable on the blockchain
    • 5% of all transactions are used to purchase & burn Kindly Coins


Kindly Coin is a charity token that runs on the ETH and BSC chain, providing a measurable social impact.
Total supply is 108 million coins.

  • volunteer_activism

    2.5% Social Impact Wallet

    2.5% of transactions go to the Charity Wallet.

  • horizontal_distribute

    0.3% Redistribution

    Holders will recieve 0.3% of every transaction.

  • account_balance

    0.3% Auto-liquidity

    0.3% of transactions gets Auto-locked into liquidty.

  • code

    0.9% Maintenance Wallet

    0.9% of transactions goes to ongoing development and marketing.

  • lock_clock

    Liquidity Locked

    Optimizing stability through a slow coin release

  • date_range

    Vesting Schedule

    The token’s movement is restricted by a time-based function

  • "Dreams can be a reality"

    Paul Rodney Turner

    Mr. Turner co-founded Food for Life Global, feedOM, Kindly DAO. He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, social entrepreneur, inventor, vegan chef and author of 6 books. Paul's proven track record speaks for itself:

    • Food For Life Global

      The world's largest vegan food relief organization serving up to 2 million meals daily.

    • feedOM

      Provides Corporate Social Responsibility through The OM Guarantee.

    • Best Selling Author

      FOOD YOGA, SOUL POWER, How to Build a Great Food Relief, and The 7 Maxims for Soul Happiness.

    • Kindly

      Kindly Coin, Kindly Wallet, and Kindly Exchange. Every transaction makes a measurable social impact.

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  • PaulHead

    Paul Rodney Turner

    Chairman & CEO

    Also the co-founder of Food For Life Global (FFLG) and feedOM. In his younger years, Paul was a monk, a holistic life coach, World Bank veteran, vegan chef, social entrepreneur, and an author of 5 books. Under Paul's leadership, FFLG has grown to 260 projects in 60 countries and has served over 7 billion free meals.

  • Thumbnail

    Ryan Bautista

    Chief Operating Officer

    Recognized Marketing expert since 2007. A marketing graduate from Ryerson University, Canada, with a proven record of scaling business incomes from $0 to $10 Million+ per year.

  • Thumbnail

    Arlo Vegan

    Chief Sustainability Officer

    Vegan entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in consumer retail, farming, and real estate development. Arlo is also a founding member of Food for Life Global and feedOM.

  • Thumbnail

    James Skinner

    Chief Business Officer

    International corporate finance expert focused on equity markets, cross boarder transactions, corporate structuring,corporate/operational strategy and finance solutions. James has completed in excess of 15 stock exchange listings in London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York,been involved in multiple tech start up's, reverse take overs, demergers, MBO's, M&A transactions, Fund's management and property syndication structuring,alternative funding structures, specialist corporate finance structuring for high growth company's looking to go global.

  • Thumbnail

    Adrian Bernard

    Global Head of ESG and Research

    Founder of ABH Financial, who possesses over 20 years of client-focused experience in financial services, including asset protection, financial planning, and superannuation. Adrian is a founding member of feedOM.

  • Thumbnail

    Andres Orbiss

    Chief Technical Officer

    With over two decades of experience in technology architecture and digital advertising. Andres designed the enterprise systems architecture at numerous banks and large corporations in Latin America and currently creates highly successful marketing automation and attribution systems across a wide range of media

  • Thumbnail

    Raymond Bautista

    Marketing Director

    Established Business & Marketing professional with 15 years in B2B and B2C digital marketing. His experiences expands across tech, media, cannabis, and non-profit sectors to generate growth through advertising.

  • Thumbnail

    Juliana Castańeda

    Vegan Standards Manager

    Established Business & Marketing professional with 15 years in B2B and B2C digital marketing. Her experiences expands across tech, media, cannabis, and non-profit sectors to generate growth through advertising.

  • Thumbnail

    Stuardo Rodriguez

    OM Guarantee Developer

    Stuardo Rodriguez, is a long time active EOS community member, former EOS Nation ambassador, and lead developer on the OM Guarantee certification project, managed by feedOM. Stuardo is a developer of open source projects, lead in open data architectures, activist in open government implementations, and blockchain / decentralized open ledger technologies ambassador.

  • Thumbnail

    Tomas Rey

    Lead Developer

    Fully-Fledged Solidity DApps Developer, influencer and promoter of the DeFi ecosystem in Latin America. Co-Founder of Phoenix Finance and Founder of the COVID Token Foundation. Tomas has been involved in the development of other successful tokens adding up to more than 100M in market cap.

  • Thumbnail

    Dave Gray

    Web Director

    Digital marketing expert who has started and grown many successful companies. Passionate outdoor enthusiast and animal lover who strives to make a positive environmental impact. Founder of Clear Solid Marketing.

  • Thumbnail

    Andres Arbiguru

    Development Director

    Co-founder of NeptuneAds, one of the top Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing World. Co-founder of PDA International, a Worldwide scientifically validated SaaS assessment that accurately predicts workplace behaviors and tendencies. Founder of Witcom: A Wireless ISP that provides services in Buenos Aires Argentina and former developer at JPMorgan and IT Manager and Software Developer at JPMorgan Chase.

  • Thumbnail

    Michael Kirlew

    Strategic Advisor

  • Thumbnail

    Rix Lee

    Brand Development Director

  • Thumbnail

    Thomas Horne

    Brand Assets Manager

  • Thumbnail

    Devin Gyug

    Customer Service Manager

  • Thumbnail

    Christian Claypool

    Technical Advisor


Together we can all make a measurable social impact for a better world.

  • Step 1

    Q3 (2021)

    • Audit smart Contract
    • Launch website
    • Post White Paper
    • ICO/private sale
  • Step 2

    Q4 (2021)

    • List on Coingecko
    • List on Coinmarketcap
    • Project Rebrand
    • Announce New Partnerships
  • Step 3

    Q1 (2022)

    • Launch KINDLY Coin
    • Marketing push
    • List on top exchanges
    • Kindly Marketplace
    • Kindly Scan
    • Announce New Partnerships
  • Step 4

    Future (2022)

    • Kindly Exchange
    • Kindly Wallet
    • Kindly APIs
    • Kindly Payment Gateway
    • Integrate into Blockchain Networks
    • Kindly Debit Card
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